How is Dry Ice Made?

Dry Ice Production


Dry Ice is made from high purity carbon dioxide gas (CO2)

First, we compress and cool gaseous CO2 under high pressure to initially produce liquid CO2.

Dry Ice 10mm Pellet Production

The liquid is then allowed to expand under a reduced pressure to produce CO2 snow, and finally this snow is compressed by a hydraulic press into convenient Dry Ice blocks, slices or pellets.  When the CO2 liquid is introduced to atmospheric pressure only part of the CO2 converts to solid form, the balance of the CO2 gas is recovered and recycled into the production process.

The density of the compressed CO2 snow depends on the applied pressure and the pressure time. The density of the Dry Ice block can reach 1.56g/cm3 as a maximum at a temperature of


We manufacture Dry Ice using the world’s leading dry ice manufacturing equipment. After all, the premier quality of our dry ice can only be achieved through best-practice manufacturing techniques.