We recently collaborated with Thunders Bakery to showcase a series of Special Effect Halloween Cakes. We met with Food Photographer Andrea Lucy who produced these spectacular images, which we staged with a dramatic dry ice fog effect. The flowing fog effect is created by simply adding dry ice pellets to heated water.

Polar Ice have supplied dry ice to productions such as Riverdance and Game of Thrones. However, special effects is just one of the more niche applications of dry ice as it’s primarily used for temperature-controlled shipping by Ireland’s pharmaceutical, airline and food industries. Growing in popularity, dry ice is commonly used for food and drink presentation in the hospitality industry, and the seasonal Halloween demand has already begun with domestic customers who want to surprise and delight friends and family with the captivating fog effect.

From ghosts to graveyards to unicorns, Thunders Bakery cakes are truly a world apart. The vivid and enticing designs demonstrate an exceptional level of detail; these cakes are works of art created by people who love what they do.

Working with dry ice was a first for Andrea our Photographer, but her fun and enthusiastic approach to the shoot meant that she captured our brief perfectly. Andrea demonstrates great versatility in her food photography, regularly working with companies and brands such as Voya Beauty, Avoca and Good4U.

If you’d like to learn more about Dry Ice, Thunders Bakery, or Andrea Lucy Food Photographer, you’ll find links below:

Cakes created by Thunders Bakery, https://thundersbakery.ie/
Dry Ice supplied by Polar Ice Ltd., https://www.dryice.ie
Photography by Andrea Lucy, http://foodphotographerireland.com