Last Wednesday we conducted our first online ISO9001:2015 Audit with Certification Europe, and we’re delighted to announce that we have once again achieved certification.

The goal of an ISO9001 audit is to identify areas for improvement and ensure that a company has best practices in place. It’s a globally recognised standard that gives our team a roadmap for success. This certification encourages a culture of continuous improvement and ultimately helps us provide a better customer experience.

Our dedicated team is the driving force of our business; it’s their consistent hard work, day in and day out, that maintains these high standards.

In light of Covid-19, we conducted a virtual tour of our operations and filmed a walkthrough of our premises and operations. We shared evidence of policies and procedures with our Auditor in advance and through remote work provided real time evidence on the day. One of the biggest challenges we’ve faced around Covid-19, is making as many functions of the business as accessible as possible for our remote workers. We continue to work on our integrated Quality Management System, so if you’ve had good success adapting your Quality Team to remote working, we’d love to hear about it.

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