On October the 6th and 7th we undertook a virtual BRC audit with SAI Global. On the success of previous virtual audits for ISO 9001 and FTA Gold Standard, we decided to forge ahead with what is an immense undertaking even in pre-Covid times. A great deal of personnel co-ordination was required to bring the necessary teams together virtually, including videoing socially distanced walkthroughs in the production.

The toughest part of the remote audit was the two solid days in front of the screen, it was quite intense. However, it was our third virtual audit following the FTA and ISO, so we already had some experience with it this year. We were thrilled to receive a positive result and delighted that we were able to proceed with the audit remotely. Hopefully by Q4 2021 we will be back to some sort of normal in our industry and zoom virtual audits will become a thing of the past – or will they?

Needless to say, we’re extremely proud of our team. There is no other company in Ireland or the UK that is BRCGS certified in our industry so it sets up apart from our competitors with an exacting standard that keeps us all focused in every department. A special word of thanks to Start at Best Funding who helped us put in place the supports to undertake virtual audits.

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