Create stunning fog effect dry ice drinks

Dry Ice can be used to create a fog effect in different types of beverages. ChilliSticks are a great way to add a fun fog effect to any kind of drink, and allow you to safely serve dry ice drinks.

How does it work?

The Chillistick is loaded with a dry ice pellet and then lowered into a drink where it immediately starts to bubble and create a dramatic fog effect.

The ChilliSticks can be preloaded with dry ice pellets and then submerged in the remaining dry ice ready to serve. This helps save time when serving at busy events or bars.

Pack Contents

One pack includes 12 ChilliSticks. You must also purchase the desired quantity of dry ice. ChilliSticks and dry ice are sold separately unless combined as a party pack from our online store. The dry ice is supplied in polystyrene container, gloves and instructions. The smallest quantity of dry ice available on the site is 3.5kg – perfect for ChilliStick use only.


Product Dimensions

18 cm L (base to be submerged in liquid – approx 8 cm submerged) x 2 cm DIA

How Many Chillisticks Should I Buy?

The quantity of chillisticks and dry ice required depends on the size of the event you are catering for. For large events, usually 100 plus chillisticks are required, but should not be ordered with less than 10kg of dry ice. If you require more information please call 057 862 3860 and we will be happy to discuss your requirements for your planned event.

Remember that dry ice sublimates and therefore has a limited shelf life. We recommend that you order dry ice to be delivered as close as possible to the time of use.