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DRY ICE PELLETS – This form of dry ice is ideal for smaller-scale needs, usually non-industrial. For example, universities often use dry ice pellets in experiments or for small-scale storage. Dry ice pellets are also used to make mist effects for entertainment purposes. Additionally, dry ice pellets are often used by commercial businesses for small-scale or one off storage or delivery purposes.


High density (1.6g/cm3), longer lasting cylindrical dry ice pellets, available in the following diameters: 6mm, 9mm, 10mm, 16mm Length varies 2cm – 6cm Weight: Sold in units of 10kg

Drice (3mm pellets)

Drice is specially designed for use in clean blasting – not for domestic use. High density (1.6g/cm3), cylindrical 3mm dry ice pellets developed exclusively for dry ice blasting.

Food Grade Pellet

Manufactured for use in the beverage and food industry, this food grade dry ice may be used directly in the processing of food stuffs.  Certified to BRC v7 global food-grade standard.